Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cherry Blossoms

You can always tell when it's spring time in the Pacific Northwest - the cherry trees start blooming! With our fickle weather it's not always easy to tell - this is supposed a temperate, maritime climate but it snowed last week.

Yesterday was a typical day around here - it rained off an on until the later afternoon. In between the rainstorms the sun would come out, the waterdrops were glistening on the leaves of the plants, the sky would turn blue and there were big fluffy white clouds floating about - it was pretty while it lasted. Luckily, my timing was right and I was able to capture the lovely cherry blossoms on the tree in my garden. I especially like this photograph turned out. I was focusing on the blossom in the center of the photograph - hoping for some interesting use of depth of focus and like how the out of focus blossoms frame the photograph.

I'm thinking of offering this photograph for sale in my
Etsy and 1000markets shops. What do you think? Is this photograph a hit or a miss?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

On The Front Page!!!

See that photograph of the orange dog over to your right? That's my dog, Bruce. A couple of days ago I submitted that photo to my local newspaper, the Tacoma News Tribune, and "lo and behold" it made it to the front page of the on-line version !!! Out of all the readers photographs that were submitted they chose mine. It's in the "Gallery For Photos That Make You Smile" and the "Gallery For Your Favorite Dog". Do I stand to gain from having my photograph in the newspaper? Nope, I'm not credited. Do I still think it's cool? Yep, because it means that someone else liked my photograph aside from me. I've decided to look for the good where ever and when ever I can. It feels good when I'm successful.