Sunday, January 31, 2010


Blogs. You either love them or you hate them. But do you read them? If you're like me, you probably have several that you visit frequently and every now and then you actually stop and read what has been posted but mostly you are attracted to the photographs. After all, something has got to get your attention and a good photograph will do the trick. Every now and then I come across a blog that I actually do read and enjoy immensely - it all has to do with good writing and if your style speaks to me I'll return time after time after time. People write blogs to have an outlet to express their opinion, a way of creative expression or to promote themselves. You name it and I'll bet there's a blog about it.

One of my favorite blogs is Exit133 - a local blog focusing on the doings in the where I live, Tacoma, Washington or as it's described on the home page "Exit133 is about Tacoma. It's about Politics, Civic Involvement, Urban Development, the Arts, and the many interests of our readers."

When ever I visit this blog I make a bee-line to the blog posts of "Mise en Place" written by John Idstrom. He writes about one of my great passions: food. His writing style is engaging and clever - and it conveys a wicked sense of humor and is a joy to read. In short, I'm in love with his writing and jealous of his skills.

Here's a passage from one of my favorite posts - it begins like this:

"Norman Maclean opens his full-of-grace novella “A River Runs Through It” with the beguiling line “in our family there was no clear line between religion and fly-fishing.” Having recently driven Route 200 in western Montana, skirting the Big Blackfoot River that was Maclean’s spiritual inspiration, I had the opportunity to consider that opening line, as well as his summary judgment “I am haunted by waters."

and then ends like this:

"Salvation is a tricky issue and if you are like me, the lines are seldom clear. We all find our own road to get there and some of us take a more circuitous route than others. But we’re all saved by grace one way or another, however that may find us. I am haunted by food." -- John Idstrom from "Mise en Place: Confessions of a Food-ophile"

If only my writing skills were on par with Mr. Idstrom - the words I could write, the ideas I could express, the stories I could tell. That is my dream.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Summer Vacation

Amar's sister and her family spent their summer vacation with last year. We really enjoyed spending time with them and I was there with my trusty camera to document just about every waking moment we had with them. I hope this video goes beyond your ordinary, average vacation photo album.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

IPhone Because I Can

After putting my on-line life on hiatus I've decided it's time to return and get down to the business of blogging. (Yeah!!!) In my last post I talked about being laid off from the university where I worked for 15 years and was feeling a bit anxious about "being cast out in a sea of uncertainty". My emotions were all over the place - one day I felt fine, then there were times I would curse the managers that laid me off and wish nothing but ill will towards them and then there were the dark moments of almost despair (I wobbled on the brink but never went over the edge). Of course there were days where I was happy to have some time to myself and actually enjoyed being unemployed. Oh, I had plans, glorious plans on how I was going to spend my time: such as working on my blogs and my online shops, networking with all my contacts, creating fabulous jewelry, improving on my photographic skills - becoming a very successful photographer, and just so I had company I wanted to a part-time job at Starbucks - good plans. Aside from the two craft shows I participated in I accomplished NOTHING! I've learned that I'm the type of girl who doesn't like to be alone and needs the structure of an office and an employer. Thankfully, three and half weeks later I was back at work, back at the university and I'm quite happy to be employed again.

Now I can relax and get down to the business of spending some serious time indulging in my hobbies - like photography. Lately I've been having lots of fun with my iPhone camera and all the various iPhone photography apps. Nothing like being able to take a great photograph, edit and upload to Facebook or Flickr - it's fun! My favorite is Lo-Mob - it give a retro look to your digital photographs. My favorite is the TTV filters. For me it's easier than using Photoshop or the camera/contraption for real TTV photography. One of these days I'll break out the DSLR and take myself on a proper photo safari. Also, I'll start packing my point and shoot with me when the days get longer and I have time before and after work to take photographs on the campus - but until then my iPhone is providing me with a pleasant photographic diversion.