Monday, July 2, 2012

Welcome to the "Nifty 50's"!

Your's truly turned 50 years old yesterday.  I spent the day celebrating with too much food, just enough drink and most of my favorite people in the world (friends and family).  It was a good day.  To celebrate turning 50 I decided to have a 50% off sale in my shop on Etsy  - Dragonfly Photography.  I'm trying to make some big changes in my life - one of them being creating a successful lifestyle photography business in Tacoma, Washington and creating a vibrant and successful shop on Etsy - and what better time to start working on making the life  that currently only exists in your dreams are reality than your 50th birthday?  Now my sale is turning into a fundraiser of sorts.

Bruce and me enjoying a day at the beach in Westport, Washington
My loveable pooch, Bruce, who I've had since he was a young pup, had a couple of seizures on Saturday and we spent a good amount of time at an emergency animal hospital that night.  The prognosis is either mild epilepsy or a brain tumor.  He's doing fine now but he's not bouncing back like he should so we'll be going in for a follow up with our regular vet later on this week.  I'm hoping it's just mild epilepsy but I'm a realist and I'm sure it's more serious as all his symptoms are indicating a brain tumor as the emergency vet doctor cautioned me it could be.

I've decided to extend my birthday celebration sale until the end of the month - hoping that I will be able to raise some extra money to help with Bruce's vet bills.  Finances are tight and the added unexpected cost of Bruce's vet bills is a little stressful (ok - a lot stressful).  So I'm reaching out and asking for help.  It's really a win/win situation for me and you:  if you purchase a photograph from my shop, you get a lovely photograph (at 50% off) and I get a little help with the vet bills and perhaps a little more time with my dog.  If you can't help out with a purchase perhaps you could spread the word via your blog that would be great.  Thank you for any help you can provide. 

The coupon code for my promotion is "HappyBirthday".

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