Monday, February 1, 2010


I believe a blog should be as much as a visual treat as it is a good read. I'm not sure if I'm there or not - but that's the great thing about progess - you can always move forward. I'm trying to keep this blog about photography but I'm going to go off on a different path with this post. I believe it will serve my readers because I think I've found one of the prettiest blogs that ever - the photography is sublime and it's one that I actually read and not skim.

If you were to ask me what are my favorite things to do in the world are I would tell you the following: Eat, cook, read (especially "food memoirs" and cookbooks), photography (either looking or taking) and mucking about on the computer. Where am I going with this post? Well...let me tell you - I think I've found the perfect blog - Orangette. Really. This one combines many of my favorites: Eating, cooking, photography and it's a good read (there's a book - of course). The author of the blog is Molly Wizenberg - she and her husband have just opened a little restaurant in Seattle called "Delancey". I was familiar with the restaurant before I knew about the blog and book because a good friend of mine lives around the corner from the restaurant. I haven't been there - yet. I can't vouch for quality of the food and describe the restaurant experience. But I will visit the next time I get together with my friend.

In the end, if I can raise the quality of my blog to the level of this blog I will have considered myself successful. Which means I've got a lot of work to do: improve my writing skills and my photography, create an interesting life and establish a strong presence on the web.

Gotta go! Lot's to do.

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